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The Most Amazing Tantric Massage London Experience with Aphrodite Massage

Welcome to the website of the Aphrodite Tantric Massage agency in Central London. Here you can find a list of our massage styles and rates, as well as a gallery of our friendly and accommodating massage specialists.

For many years, Tantric massage has taken the world by storm. If you’re looking for the best option for tantric massage, you’ve come to the right place. That being said, we pride ourselves in hiring specialized employees with years of experience and skills to back them up.

All of our employees are experts in body to body massage, and are all available for outcall services. The Aphrodite London Tantric agency also prides itself in providing our clients with several types and techniques of erotic massage therapy. If you are new to this type of service, kindly read further and examine all the services we can provide you.

Tantric Massage is Good For Your Health

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It should be noted that Tantric Massage is not simply an act of sex. Tantric massage is an art form: focusing all your negative energy and turning them into ecstatic, positive and relief-releasing energy. Our London Tantric services stimulate all your erogenous zones while you enjoy a thoroughly relaxing body massage. A good erotic massage is said to awaken the body’s inner chakras.

Tantric massage is beneficial for your health and wellbeing. While any type of massage can be relaxing, this specific type of massage is beneficial for you because of the following reasons:

Fights stress – while all regular naked massages have the capability to de-stress you, erotic massages fight an energy that isn’t normally addressed in regular massages: emotional energy. Fighting emotional stress can leave you with a lighter, carefree feeling.

Curbing sexual impulse – if you are someone who is prone to premature ejaculation, do not worry. With our multiple London Tantric services, our masseuses will help you achieve climax at your own time, at your own terms.

Physical improvement – here at the Aphrodite Tantric Massage, we reward your body with the immense feeling of relief. Every part of your body is taken care of, simultaneously providing you satisfaction and relaxation.

Regulate breathing – during your sensual and personal experience in a naturist London Tantric service, your masseuse will guide you to several breathing exercises (known as pranayama) that will further enhance your erotic massage journey.

Increasing self-esteem – the skills of our staff members aren’t limited to their excellent massage skills. They are specifically trained in fulfilling all of your needs – mental, social, physical, spiritual, and most of all, emotional. Our ladies are always here to release you of your insecurities and inhibitions, promoting you to become a better version of yourself.

Improve sexual drive and orgasm – while achieving orgasm is not the end goal of erotic massages, having a massage stimulates all your erogenous zones as it increases your libido, for an explosive orgasm… should you want one.

Should you be one who has not yet experienced an erotic or nude tantric massage, do not be afraid. Our friendly staff is always willing to accommodate and understand your conditions and work through any insecurities you may have. Erotic massages allow you to let go of all of these pressures in your life. Furthermore, you get to choose which of our several massage services suits you best, to satisfy all your sensual needs.

Do you want the basics? You might like: Tantric Massage, Body to Body Massage.

Are you looking for something exotic? Try: Nuru Massage, Lingam Massage.

Do you feel like experimenting? Why not try: 4 Hands Massage, Tie & Tease Massage, Foot Fetish Massage.

A relaxing bath with a sensual massage afterwards? Book for a Wet and Wild Massage

Lady on Lady action? Try: Lesbian Massage

Do you want a specific service catered to you? Try: Premium Nude Aphrodite Massage

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Erotic & Sensual Massage Services

Our wide array of services surpasses all the other London Tantric agencies. We cater to all kinds of clients – men, women, young and old alike, and we pride in fulfilling each and every one of their dreams and needs. Here at Aphrodite, we satisfy our customers with several massage services, including:

Nuru Massage - Nuru (meaning ‘smooth’ in Japanese), is an erotic massage service where the masseuse and the client are both completely nude and covered with an odorless and tasteless massage oil (Nuru Gel). An erotic Nuru massage typically involves one or more of our Nuru Massage specialists to rub their entire body against the client’s.

Tantric Massage - This type of service typically includes several massage techniques with hints of yoga and sexual therapy. Our London Tantric services allow the client to enter into a passive state as our Aphrodite massage girls progressively take them into different heights of pleasure and relaxation.

Foot Fetish Massage - Bask in the beauty of one of our masseuse professionals with the Foot Fetish Massage. For those who are into this type of kink, we hold no judgements; enjoy your time as our professionals soothe your pains away with every stroke of her feet on your body.

Body to Body Massage - A similar, older form Nuru massage that uses massage oils instead of Nuru gels.

4 Hands Massage - Enjoy an extremely soothing experience with two pairs of hands alleviating the customer’s stress and pains away. Two of our specialized masseuses are involved for this type of service, wherein the two women continuously massage your muscles and skin, eventually performing a two-person version of a body to body massage.

Mutual Massage - This allows the customer to experience massaging one of our ladies. Half of the massage service will be a Nuru Massage from our specialist and the other half spent for the customer to massage his masseuse, leaving you with great pleasure and feelings of appreciation and power.

Lingam Massage - The Sanskrit word for penis, also seldom referred to as the ‘wand of light’. Allow yourself to relax as one of our Massage therapists work on all of your genital areas – the penis, the testicles, as well as your prostate. Although, contrary to popular belief, its primary goal is not to fulfill the client’s orgasm. Its goal is to awaken the client’s inner pleasure – something they normally will not experience in regular sex.

Lesbian Massage - A Lesbian Massage can be one of two things: a female client seeking one of our masseuse professionals in a sensual lesbian massage experience, or a male client seeking a 4-hand massage with the two women giving each other a mutual massage. Either way, this massage offers an immense amount of female energy.

Tie & Tease Massage - Are you a high-ranking businessperson with a secret desire for obeying your mistress? Or are you simply a person who wishes to worship a woman? Should you want to look for a more ‘disciplined’ form of massage, this service will satisfy your needs. From simple teasing advances to outright bondage and discipline, submit to the whims of our massage professionals and fulfill all of her desires before she satisfies yours.

Soapy Massage - This service starts with our client accompanied by our masseuses in a sensual, soapy bath, as she washes your pains and aches away. After this bath, our massage specialist will take you to the bedroom for an excellent body to body massage.

Premium Aphrodite Massage - The premium Aphrodite massage is meant to cater to all your specific, personal needs. Whether it simply be an escort or something more sensual, anything goes (as long as it is safe and legal). Whatever fantasies, dreams, and wants, the premium Aphrodite service along with one of our massage professionals is sure to fulfill every last bit of it. The best that the Aphrodite Tantric Massage agency can ever offer: a mix of any of your favorite massage styles listed above for a very reasonable price.

Outcall Tantric & Hotel Massage

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No time to visit our locations? Are you only visiting London for a business or vacation trip? Let our ladies come to you! Outcall and Hotel massages offer you the chance of letting our women come to your location, hotel or home. to perform any of the massage services listed above. An outcall massage therapist will normally take an hour to get to you, depending on how busy the day is. While our main locations are known for being private and discrete, outcall massages will always provide you with 100% discretion.

Our popular outcall locations are in Baker Street, Euston, King’s Cross, Piccadilly, and Victoria in Central London; and Bayswater, Chelsea, Fulham, Edgware Road, Hammersmith, Holland Park, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Paddington, and Shepherds Bush in West London.

Our London tantric specialists are always punctual whilst completely accommodating to all your needs. To book an outcall massage, please call us at 07404 681 945 or use our contact form at our contact page from 10 in the morning until midnight.

For our most valued customers who have been using our services for a long time, we are able to adjust our schedules to suit you.

Do not hesitate, do not fear, and do not wait. Call or email us and book your Aphrodite Tantric Massage London now!

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