Enjoy tantric massage with us in Kensington SW7

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You can choose from tantric or nuru massage in Kensington.  Tantric is a sensuous massage that may either cover your entire body or specific areas only. Our masseuse will use scented oil and continuously massage you with her fingers or hands until your body is filled with the oil or you can opt for a nuru massage, a kind of treatment that originated in Japan.  It is also sometimes called body to body massage or slippery massage. Your body will be covered by the tasteless and odorless special Nuru gel and you’ll be able to experience the slippery motion of your tantric goddess’s body.

We are very proud of our Kensington massage therapists and how they carry out the skills and art of massaging.  They are beautiful and fantastic, with artistic body movements that you will surely enjoy sliding with.  Our girls will bring you up to the point of orgasm or fulfillment several times or until you are completely relaxed.

You need not look beyond Kensington, if you are looking for professional masseuses, who are experts in tantric, nuru, prostate and all other types of massage. Call us now and make a booking fo your outcall massage in Kensington.  We assure you that you will be pleased with the service of our masseuses.  They have been appropriately trained in the art of erotic massage and promise to provide you with the ultimate in relaxation. By arrangement, our girls are also happy to do massage at homes, hotels and offices.  You can book online or call the numbers that you see on our site.

Why not try our 4 hands massage in Kensington?

Sexy, fun and a great way to relax! The four hands massage service is favoured by many of our clients that enjoy a true luxury, pampering service. Most of our ladies are happy to work together, but you will need to contact the customer service team first to check the combination of masseuses first prior to getting massage booked in!

Our receptionist is available each morning from 9 – 10 am to take all of your bookings and enquiries. To get more information on this fabulous service please see more on our four hands massage page which goes into more detail!

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Getting a Tantric Massage in Paddington

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Paddington in London for anyone that didn’t already know is one of London’s premier transport hubs and one of the main London stations. In addition to this it is also a very vibrant part of London with lots of different things to do for people on their first visit to the area.

For those that like a little flutter there are lots of casinos in the area and those that are into general nightlife, there are many clubs very close by in London’s affluent Mayfair area and also Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. In actual fact the whole of the central London area is great for nightlife with clubs and bars all over the place, and so you will never be stuck for something to do.

You can also find close by to Paddington, the Bayswater area which also has on offer a very eclectic mix of restaurants from worldwide cuisines which is enough to keep anyone’s taste buds satisfied! Another great thing about the W2 area is that after you have had a great evening out at in London’s famous nightlife and are no doubt nursing a bit of a hangover, then there truly is no better way to beat the hangover and get some serious R&R therapy.

One of the best options here would have to be our tantric massage service in Paddington W2 which is well known to be a super way to chill in the company of a very seductive masseuse for an hour or three! If this is not really you cup of tea then there are also many other alternative therapy providers such as acupuncturists, or even a basic non erotic aromatherapy massage or better still a visit down to the local gym and fitness center to recharge those batteries!

Looking for a slightly different erotic massage option? Why not try our prostate massage in London service which comes highly recommended by our clients?

Get your Massage in London

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London is a very vibrant and busy city and can at times be quite a hectic place to live or visit. This is the reason that we all need to take some time out occasionally purely to relax and chill out so that stress levels do not rise dramatically!

It is because of things like the adverse effect that stress can have on one’s health for example, that has led to a massive increase in the number of people looking for alternative therapy methods to keep such things in check. When they say that around 90% of chronic illnesses are related to stress, it does really drive this point home even more.

This is why in London you will find a huge range of different options available where massage is concerned from countries across the world whether it be oriental influenced, Europe and many more. The technique of massage that you choose is really dependent on what you are looking for from the massage. Some may be more suited to things like muscle aches and pains, some better for general relaxation and others which may be a little bit saucier in nature and therefore more erotic, and would suit someone who is looking more the sexual pleasure aspect of the massage such as a erotic tantric massage for example, which is also very common these days

In terms of going for the massage, one also has various options. You can either opt for the simple option which would be to select a parlour through researching online and then going to visit said establishment or one of the other favoured options for someone getting themselves a massage in the London area would actually be to find a mobile massage. These however are not always available for home visits and some may actually insist on hotels only, but in many instances can be more convenient but at the same time understandably more expensive.

We are one of the most established tantric agencies and we offer some of the best tantric massage in London you will find anywhere in the capital!

Looking for a tantric massage in the Chelsea area?

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If you’re in Chelsea and suddenly find yourself needing a massage to relax, don’t look any further.  You are at the right place. We have young, bright and talented masseuses here in the area.  This is an affluent district in Central London and is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Property prices here are soaring high, making it an exclusive district in London.  This is home to the prominent football club, the Chelsea F.C. and also to the largest American communities.

Arranging a Tantric Massage Chelsea SW3

Our tantra and tantric masseuses are educated, elegant and classy and they come from many parts of the world; they came to London and discovered tantra while pursuing their ambitions. They have become experts in this art of relaxation and are now sharing this expertise to gentlemen like you who have lots of stress that need to melt away.

Look at their profiles in our gallery of Chelsea tantric massage therapists. View their busty and slim figures and imagine how you would feel during the massage sessions. If you haven’t decided yet on the type of massage treatment that you would like, we can help.  We will consider your overall health, mental and physical well being, including your personal preferences upon consultation. Just give us a call and let us discuss your individual requirements and stress factors.

Improve Mood and Well Being with Sensual Massage

All the untreated muscle imbalance can cause you discomfort and may affect your performance at work and in bed.  This will in turn put you in a bad mood.  Each treatment offered by our Chelsea massage girls will greatly vary depending on your lifestyle. The techniques will be tailored to suit your needs and your satisfaction. So, why wait?  Call us now and book a London sensual massage session. Whoever you choose to be your partner and whatever type of relaxation massage you want, we will see to it that you get it all.

See more on our Chelsea page here

Choosing an erotic massage parlour in London

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We all look for something that’s relaxing as hell and is rejuvenating. Something that will make you feel relaxed after a busy and hectic week. A massage session with a parlour in London seems to be a perfect solution.

Sure it is, but choosing the right massage parlour and right massage type seems to be challenging. There are so many different types of massages available with any massage parlour that it gets quite overwhelming.

An erotic massage is what people at large love and this is what you should go for if you really intend to feel relaxed and rejuvenating. The guide below will help you choose the right erotic massage parlour in London, things to look for, and do’s and don’ts.

Start online

Start your search online. This is the easiest way to find erotic massage parlours in London. Almost all the leading massage parlours are listed online. If it isn’t, it is not worth a visit.

When you are searching for parlours in your area, quickly scan their websites and make sure they offer erotic massage. Read reviews on Google Maps and their Facebook page.

See pictures of the parlour and read about their staff. This will give you a decent idea of how good or bad a parlour is.

Note the addresses and phone numbers of the ones that look good and legit.

Consider cost

Not all the erotic massage parlours in London share their cost on their website. This is mainly because the cost varies from customer to customer. It depends on what you choose to get and what features and add-ons you choose when you are actually there.

At the end, it can get really costly.

Call a few massage parlours and ask for cost. Ask basic questions as to how long a basic session lasts and how much it would cost with all the add-ons. Don’t hesitate to bargain and negotiate.

Look for quality

When choosing an erotic massage parlour in London, always prefer quality. By quality I mean the reputation of the parlour, their staff, the equipment they use, and other stuff. This is something you cannot do over the phone or over the internet. You have to visit a few parlours before choosing one.

When you are at a parlour, ask them as many questions you have and ensure that they are best in the game and know what they are doing.

Reviews from past customers will help you determine the quality of different massage parlours in London. If you happen to land in a wrong parlour, you won’t be able to enjoy the massage. Make sure you don’t let yourself land into a sub-standard massage parlour in London.


Getting an erotic massage in London is not a big deal but getting an erotic massage that you will remember for years is definitely a big deal. We offer the best erotic massage in London in a parlour that will provide you with everything that you need. Get in touch today and see how we can surprise you.

Find out more or book your erotic massage  in London with Aphrodite Massage TODAY!

10 benefits of a full body massage

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What is the number one reason you go to get a massage therapy? Do you feel relaxing, energized, or it helps relieve stress? In reality, massage has several benefits that you may now even know. Most of the people don’t even realize how a massage benefits them.

Here are 10 not-so-common benefits of a full body massage.

  1. Increase in blood circulation

According to the massage professionals and experts, full body massage increases blood circulation and it helps you get rid of blood pressure related problems such as high or low blood pressure. Massage ensures that oxygen and nutrients reach tissues, organs, and cells effectively. So when a therapist is busy in giving you massage, it doesn’t just work on the surface but it works deep inside your body too.

  1. Fights muscular pain

Full body massage is known to stop pain-spasm-pain. If you are suffering from a muscular pain which is known as muscular spasm, full body massage will help reduce pain to a significant extent. While it is not a replacement to medical treatment but it does help relieve pain. As massage increases blood circulation, it relaxes your muscles and help your body get rid of any toxins and metabolic wastes which are a major cause of muscular pains.

  1. Increase in flexibility

Do you ever feel that your muscles are stiff? Do you ever feel that there are parts of your body where you cannot reach such as your lower back? Well, it is due to lack of flexibility and reduction in the range of motion.

A full body massage improves flexibility in terms of muscle movement. It makes your muscles soft which allows you to move your body in any way you like.

  1. Improves immune system

One of the best things a full body massage does to your body is that it improves immune system by producing immune cells. It also improves lymphatic flow which allows immune system to work effectively.

  1. Improves digestion

This shouldn’t be surprising but full body massage does help improve digestion. It improves parasympathetic response and peristalsis. This eventually leads to improvement in digestion system and helps get rid of digestive issues such as constipation.

  1. Prevents asthma

Full body massage helps you get rid of asthma by loosening respiratory muscles. Getting a full body massage regularly will help you improve asthma to a fair extent.

  1. Relieves nerve pain

Full body massage is a perfect solution to nerve pain syndrome. It relaxes the muscles and reduces nerve pain that is caused by slipped discs. Regular massage smoothens tissues and moves the discs back to their normal place.

  1. Promotes pregnancy

Pregnant women suffer from several hormonal changes and are normally found to have a high production of stress hormones. This is where full body massage can help them get rid of stress and anxiety. It eventually promotes pregnancy.

  1. Improves skin

Interested in improving your skin? A full body massage will help a lot.

It has the potential to remove dead skin which leads to a better skin tone. It also helps in tissue regeneration which helps in getting rid of scars and marks.

  1. Quick surgery recovery

Full body massage increase lymph flow which helps get rid of swallowing and removes toxins from the infected area. If you are interested in reducing the effect of surgery, get a massage today.

Get a body to body massage with Aphrodite in London TODAY

Great Reasons to get a Massage in London Today

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Anyone that is not used to massage may really not know what all the fuss is about and might think that a lot of it is over-hyped, until that it is you decide to go for your first massage with a professional therapist! They really do feel amazing and just a good massage can completely change your mood and give you a whole new lease of life for the day and week ahead

One of the problems in today’s very fast paced and highly charged society is that most of us don’t really take enough or in some cases any time out to just relax and ponder what is going in our lives. It is only sometimes when we take a step back and relax that we can gain some real clarity in our thoughts. This is why massage is perfect for this type of thing

Not just relaxation

It is not just the relaxation which is a benefit. As the masseuses glides and kneads your muscles and skin, he or she is able to release endorphins in your body which are usually called the feel good hormones in our body which are responsible for mood.

Stress can cause a lot of problems in our bodies and our minds and through a good massage, whichever type it is you like, Swedish, sports or even sensual tantric massage for some that like things a bit more spicy, we can really get a lot out of this. It can helped to lower levels of cortisol (responsible for stress), blood pressure and increase your feelings of relaxation.

These days massage is not just a luxury anymore and anyone that is susceptible to stress or feels tense massage is the perfect drug-free tonic to countering such issues, as well as the many other uses that it can be great for too!

Booking the Tantra Session

One business that will definitely take care of any aches and pains in the centre of town is Aphrodite Tantric London, a real breath of fresh air for those that work out and are in desperate need of some good old fashioned massage therapy

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Booking an Adult Erotic Massage

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How to Book your Adult Erotic Massage in London

Making a massage reservation with our team is very straight forward. Ladies work daily from early until very late (please not times do vary slightly from girl to girl). Simply call our receptionist who will let you know when the girl is available, what are her speciality services and what type of massage you are looking for. Some ladies more specialise in certain types of massage than others. For example some ladies will be mainly offering a basic sensual massage, whereas others maybe more inclined to offer more adventurous services such as prostate massage or even a lesbian massage in London for example.

Which Sensual Massage service will suit you?

We have a lot of clients calling our team who are unsure of which massage will suit them more. Some clients have little experience in tantric massage for example and so might prefer to start with something like a simple erotic massage for example. This is why we would advise clients to take a good look through our services page to find out what each service entails or if you would rather then call the Aphrodite Massage sensual massage team who will give you expert advice on this and maybe even recommend a bespoke option for you with one our sexy masseuses!

One thing you can be assured of when choosing Aphrodite massage is a truly exotic massage. We employ massage therapists from across Europe, South America and beyond and so we have some of the most exotic masseuses that you will have met before. Although each of the girls working with us are ITEC qualified massage therapists, they do like to have their own unique and exotic style of tantric massage. This perhaps is a reason that clients like to choose different therapists sometimes, to sample all the exotic delights that the Aphrodite agency has on offer.

To take a look at the different therapists if you browse the website, you will see we have individual profiles for each tantric massage therapist with genuine photos so you can get  a better idea of what we have available!

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Delivering the very best outcall massage services in London

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Erotic b2b outcall massage is really what we do best! All our masseuses part of our tantric agency offer the mobile or outcall massage service to our clients in the area. Some of the most popular locations that we service for outcalls to hotels and private homes are Baker Street, Edgware Road, Notting Hill, Paddington and Bayswater although we cover a much wider area than this. You can generally get an outcall erotic massage therapist in London within the hour although this will depend on how busy we are and your location, but please feel free to call anytime for any enquiries!

The girls will always come very much dressed to impress and our service will never disappoint – thats our promise! Although most of the masseuses working at Aphrodite are based in West and Central London we do also cover outcall massage to clients in both North London, East London and South London areas.

For our clients that are regulars with us and have been using our sexy massage services for a long period of time, we are also able to make some concessions on the time and therefore we maybe on some occasions be able to work slightly outside of these times although this very much depends on the tantric therapist that you have chosen for your session!

Aphrodite offer many different options for clients and it is this great choice that we have available that makes us the popular choice with so many massage enthusiasts across London. In this day and age we also understand how busy people are and this is why our mobile massage service makes perfect sense for many business people in London. Rather than visit our therapists why not use our outcall massage in London service and take the hassle out of the massage without having to travel! Although this service is more expensive it really is the VIP way to have a massage with us. The masseuse always comes 100% prepared and you can always contact our receptionist if you have any special requests for your outcall massage

You can always rely on the Aphrodite Tantric Agency for your visiting and mobile massage in London. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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What is Tantric Massage

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In recent times it should be noted that tantra therapy has really rocketed in popularity across the UK and is now perhaps one of the most in demand. There are a number of well documented benefits to tantric massage therapy and when performed by our experienced team you will find it both a very intimate form of massage, but also experience other benefits such as an uplifting effect on mood and general feeling of wellbeing.

Clients or prospective clients that have not yet had the pleasure of sensual naturist nude tantric massage therapy at our central London naked tantric massage parlour who may feel slightly apprehensive about the whole concept of booking a massage with us, should really try to not less this get in the way of a wonderful erotic and sensual massage experience. As well as having a wealth of experience in the art of tantra and massage in general, our masseuses are all consummate tantric professionals who know how to deal with clients that are nervous, apprehensive or worried for whatever reason about taking part in this type of massage. This friendly and understanding attitude will put you at ease instantly and so really not something to worry about.

If you want to make an appointment for a tantric massage in London to see one of our sexy masseuses then please feel free to contact us on any day of the week from 10 in the morning until around midnight and a member of our friendly staff can help you to arrange either an incall or outcall massage. We would also like to invite any skilled tantric or nuru masseuses to contact us if they are looking to work for one of the capital’s leading london tantric massage agencies.

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