Busty Massage in London

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Busty Massage London

Aphrodite Tantric Massage have lots of ladies working independently at their own premises in London and we have a great choicer for clients in terms of nationalities, speciality services and styles and body shapes. For those that like something more voluptuous then Aphrodite is the agency for you! We have loads of busty masseuses working for us, and not only are they busty but are stunning to go with it as well!

If you visit the ladies page of our site, you will see genuine photos of the ladies additions to the Aphrodite team. If a erotic masseuse isn’t working then the profile will usually be removed within 24 hours, so you please feel free to call us with any questions of special requests and we hope that you will be booking a busty massage in London with Aphrodite Tantric very soon!

Beating Stress with a busty massage therapist

Stress unfortunately is something that we all suffer from to varying degrees. This is really amplified living and working in London due to the rising cost of living and the long working hours that many of us are used to. We believe that genuine tantric massage along with being a very sensual massage experience, is the ultimate way to beat stress. People that use our busty masseuses for tantric massage in right way experience a deeper sense of relaxation that one might do with a lot of other massage techniques, and the Aphrodite masseuses are experts in helping you, our customers get to this level of relaxation and pleasure with our sexy massage experience.

Why not try an oriental style massage with us?

Tantra has as previously mentioned become a very much in demand, but another therapy that is equally popular nowadays in the sensual nude nuru massage from Japan. For an expert Nuru massage in London you have definitely landed on the right website!! We have fully qualified nuru masseuses who only use the very best nuru gel as part of the treatment and we offer probably the best Nuru massage outside of Tokyo or so we have been told by a bunch of our clients!

Only best quality materials are used by the masseuses and if you have chosen naked nuru massage as an outcall massage option we will come equipped with the best quality plastic sheets and of course Nuru gel to give a mindblowing oriental style massage. Once you try the team at Aphrodite you will keep coming back!

Benefits of Naturist Massage

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One of the popular massage techniques that we have a lot of requests for from our clients is a naturist massage. People unfamiliar with this term might hear it called a naked massage or a nude massage and is basically where the masseuse is fully naked throughout your massage sessions with us in London.

This really is a true back to nature experience and it is very liberating for both parties. It is maybe in some cases something that a client might be slightly apprehensive or even nervous about initially but we have trained our erotic masseuses to deal with this and this is where their warm and cheery nature is able to put customers at ease very quickly

To book your naturist massage in London with Aphrodite Tantric Massage drop us a line today!

What is tantric massage

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Tantric massage is an over 9000 year old tradition which has been traced by historians to the region of the Himalaya Mountains near India and Tibet. To the early yogis from this part of the world, sexual expression represented an incredibly transcendent way to deliver healing, regeneration and transformation. Tantric massages are centered around exciting the mind, body and spirit, creating new opportunities for deep reverence and the release of long held stresses and trauma. Because tantra is an experience based in pleasure, liberation and release, it creates a soothing state which is quite simply difficult to match. Tantric massages allow for unimaginable bliss, pleasure and fulfillment; they are a tool of discovery, growth and healing. Tantra is a rich language of expression that has been in development for thousands of years. It’s masters have revealed a wealth of knowledge and now for the first time, these secrets are being shared in the west!

Tantric massage is a practice that instills a deep connection between individuals bonding them in a cosmic unity with each other and the whole of the cosmos. It is a healing practice and it has been shown to generate dramatic reappraisals of life in those who are devoted to its teachings. By combining breath work with cognitively enhancing focus exercises and pleasure to the whole of the body, Tantra offers a truly magical way to release stress in a safe, exciting and deeply fulfilling way. Tantric massage is the perfect way to unwind, de-stress and reconnect with your deepest dreams and most imaginative of desires. In tantra you will regain all that has been lost as you breathe deeply and release your truest, most pleasurable self joyfully into the world.

Tantric massage is a way of giving and receiving pleasure, of connecting deeply with the moment and holding on to that bliss, returning it to your normal waking triumphs and struggles. After a tantric session, you will feel soothed, relieved and cared for. You will know that you can access deep and transformative relaxation and healing anytime you need them. No matter where you are, you can practice the techniques you have learned in your tantric sessions to unlock your own personal pleasure, anytime your mind, body or spirit craves a little extra special attention. Tantra is truly a gift from the gods and now it can be your treasure to enjoy whenever you life. With Tantric massages in your life, you can be assured you will be healthier, more confident and better able to rise to the challenges of life with the poise of a true master and the perspective of a sage.

Now you too, can realize the relaxation, healing and pleasure of tantric massage. All you need to do is seek out the attention of a local professional tantric masseuse and you can access a whole new way of healing all that ails you. For some people, the tantric experience is far more meaningful and fulfilling than normal sexual intercourse but it doesn’t matter why you are interested in a tantric massage session. If you are interested, the time has come to seek out a qualified tantric massage expert in your community!

Read more on Tantric Massage in London by Aphrodite

Tantric massage to boost Libido

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Tantric massage is a very powerful and dramatic way to improve the libido and generate a new reality of sexual comfort, satisfaction and enjoyment. Many around the world turn to professional erotic massages because they know that this singular restorative practice is one of the most profound wants to reconnect with everything that really matters. In being able to breathe deeply into the moment, releasing tension and focusing perhaps for the first time in a long while on simply existing in the most blissful and pleasurable state imaginable, tantra allows for new fantasies, new sources of pleasure, new sexual fulfillment to become a part of your life in a profound and deeply transformative way.

Everything you were ceases to exist as you melt into a pool of your own ecstasy following the completion of a satisfied tantric massage session. You will feel at peace in a heavenly, divine and sacred kind of way. From the beginnings of tantric practice this has always been about connecting with the highest self and meeting in a safe, relaxing and pleasure focused place. You can exist in your own personal waterfall of sensual bliss. Once you feel it, you won’t want to let the feeling go and you will find a new reason to be excited about all of life’s many sources of sensual bliss, fulfillment and satisfaction, sexuality included.

The stress and disapproval of normal life, the suffering of the day to day, melts completely away as you experience what you’ve been craving. Even if you didn’t realize, your mind, body and spirit were calling out to you, beckoning for this kind of experience but now you’ve finally given in and are ready to experience it. You close your eyes and begin to feel your body in the most satisfying way you’ve ever known.

Your deepest sense of self as a powerful sexual being floods your emotions as you are healed in the safety, warmth and comfort of sexual pleasure and liberation. As you free your mind, the rest will follow and the rest of your life begins here; tantra has not only cured you, it’s transformed you and rebirthed you as the perfection that you always were.

Tantric masters are renowned in the sexual landscape for their unmatched ability to focus their minds and utilize their bodies as divine tools of pleasure. For those who practice tantra regularly, it is not common for full control over the orgasm to increase as the depth and quality of experiences is magnified. Yes, it’s very possible to use sensual tantric massage as a gateway to sexual mastery and transformation. The more you practice, the better you will get at knowing your own as well as delivering pleasure to others.

As you breathe deeper and focus more closely on your sensual massage pleasure and enjoyment, something very magical occurs which aligns the mind, body and spirit in a powerful way that is fulfilling for people of both sexes. Both men and women can experience deeper, more balanced and fulfilling states of pleasure after enjoying and sharing the pleasure of tantric massage experience together.

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Why use Prostate Massage?

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As well as all of the regular tantric massage services, Aphrodite Massage as services that suit every clients tastes and requirements.

Prostate Massage as well as being a very sexy erotic massage, does have health benefits for guys. Some medical studies have reported that regular prostate massaging or prostate milking as it is also referred to as, can possibly protect against prostate issues.

Being the male g-spot it is of course also very stimulating for guys and can also be used for men  that suffer from erectile dysfunction too

To book a prostate massage with the Aphrodite Massage agency call our massage team today!

How to give a tantric massage

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Tantric Massage is a truly amazing way to relieve stress, improve blood flow and generate new levels of intimacy and sensual connection between you and your romantic partner. Tantric techniques are simple to learn but can truly transform relationships because of what they can add to the intimacy you already share together. Tantra can awaken the connection you have and rekindle what day tom day stress may have taken away. While tantric massage from a professional can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling, anyone with an open mind and a desire to pleasure their lover can offer a truly amazing tantric massage session with only a bit of guidance.

One of the most important aspects of giving a sensual tantric massage is setting the mood. This could involve dimming the lights, putting on some soothing music and perhaps burning some incense or lighting some scented candles to further add to the atmosphere of romance and connection. Tantra is a practice that is very much rooted in the senses and their connection to the sensory environment. That means the more you can do to add intrigue and mystery, the more powerful your session will be. It could be helpful to think of this as a special ritual and something that is the opposite of your normal everyday life. The more you can add to the idea that this is a deeply fulfilling and special part of your life, the easier it will be for your partner to feel that magic and release their inhibitions. As you both feel comfortable and awaken to the power of the moment you will realize new heights of ecstasy together in each other’s soothing embrace.

Many tantric massages can be further enhanced by the use of oils or lotions. Opt something that will offer plenty of lubrication and perhaps enhance the sensation by using aromatic essential oils of your choice. Different scents can transport your partner to different emotional states and senses of pleasure. Feel free to explore and discover what enhances the mood best for you two.

To enhance the session further, consider developing a series of love affirmations or sayings that you and your partner can share at the beginning of your session. You can consider these your personal love spells and they can help to make the ritual you create with your lover all the more special and fulfilling for each of you.

Last but certainly not least, begin to sensually explore your partner, seeking to align your consciousness with theirs as your breaths, bodies and hearts align in a cosmic pattern which honors the cosmos and the divine possibility of the everlasting moment. Even if you don’t know exactly what to do, the most important part is just seeking to connect in a deep and profound way. Move with a natural dedication and let your heart be the guide. The truth about tantric practice is that as ancient as it is, it doesn’t come from a book or a blog post, it comes from within when you open your heart and allow yourself to exist in a perfect moment of connection and bliss with your lover.

Booking a Tantric Massage

If you need further guidance and information on tantric massage therapy be sure to schedule a session with a tantric masseuse so you can study and learn how to use this ancient system to deliver truly life changing pleasure.

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Benefits of Tantric Massage

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Tantric massage holds many unique benefits which can dramatically alter the individual perception of the mind, body, spirit and the connections of these to the body and sense of self. Tantric practice has been shown to open airways and improve cardiovascular functioning. The benefits of relaxation have been investigated extensively in research literature from many academic fields of study. Tantra has been proven to boost relaxation but because it is also a practice rooted in pleasure and physical excitement, it allows for deeper and more fulfilling experiences than many other similar restorative practices. Men and women of all ages benefit from tantric practice because it brings balance and renewal to the physical body system, entrances the mind and gives the spirit reason to soar in delight.

Tantric practice at the most advanced levels focuses extensively around using breathing to deliver trans formative cognitive emotional states. Continued practice with this healing modality has been shown to vastly improve emotional intelligence, generate compassion and open up truly miraculous pathways for healing and forgiveness. As you breathe deeply, you are able to release long held feelings and beliefs which may have been weighing you down. As you release these negative energies, space is created for newer, more positive views of self in relation to the world. Tantra is perhaps one of the most exciting and rewarding relaxation based activities any man, woman, or couple can enjoy.

Tantric and sensual massage allows practitioners to cast aside the parts of themselves that were not beneficial anymore, revealing a dramatic new sense of self as they refresh themselves in truly awe inspiring states of pleasure. Feeling the release of tension while also experiencing a deeply moving and personally fulfilling state of bliss is a real act of magic. So many of the people who turn to tantra do so because they know that whether or not a particular session ends explosively in orgasm, and most do, they will feel fulfilled in a way that is unlike anything else they have ever known. And because it’s a practice, the depth of the tantric experience only increases with continued practice and dedication. If you are ready for a lifestyle of pleasure, ecstasy and bliss it’s time for you to check out your first professional tantric massage parlour to enjoy a truly life changing tantric massage session.

Booking a Tantric massage with us is the perfect way to treat yourself to something your mind, body and spirit will actually adore. Instead of wasting your time and resources on things which add to your stress, why not invest in something which will truly transform your life and offer unimaginable states of pleasure and bliss?

If you’ve never tried tantric massage, maybe it’s time you consider what this ancient healing modality can do to improve just about every aspect of your life and being. In just a few moments time with a professional tantric masseuse, you will realize a whole new world of sensual bliss so amazing and raw, you won’t believe it’s the first time you ever allowed yourself to feel something so hypnotically powerful and deeply fulfilling!

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The art of Sensual Massage

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The Art of Sensual Massage in London

Aphrodite Masseuses really do have that special gift when it comes to massage and especially the art of sensual massage which they really do have down to a fine art. This is the product of not only years of practice but also dedicated learning and generally dedication to the art of massage therapy, learning different techniques and practices to get that full rounded ability.

Although we have plenty of choice on the menu for body to body massages, one of the top picks for many is to book a sensual massage in London which clients can get at different parlours in the London area. It’s very much a teasing and pleasing type of massage, carried out delicately, professionally and more importantly very sensually by the sexy masseuse of your choice at your chosen location.

There really us absolutely no reason to settle for second best with massage therapy, hence the popularity of the Aphrodite gems who can entice and pamper clients at short notice early in the day or late at night whatever the client preference.

The Sensuous Atmosphere

Candles, low lighting and romantic soft soothing sounds in the background amplify and heighten the sensual aspect of the meeting and can really get customers in the right frame of mind for what many say is a completely exhilarating experience not to be missed!

If you want to pop down to one of our sensual massage parlours in central London or if you prefer to take a masseuse for an outcall or visiting massage is completely down to the client but we do always ensure that both these options are readily available.

An Outcall Sensual Massage?

An outcall massage is also known as a ‘mobile massage’ or a ‘visiting massage’ and basically entails one of our lovely masseuses coming to your property be it your private residence or hotel suite in London in order to carry out the massage session. This makes great sense for many Aphrodite clients as takes out all the hassle of London travel for the client.

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Reasons to visit our incall massage parlour

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Incall Massage with Aphrodite

Aphrodite massage in London is a leading sensual massage provider. Many of clients like the comfort and discretion of our outcall massage service, but equally we have many clients that really enjoy visiting us at our incall massage parlour in London.

Where is the incall massage parlour?

Due to huge demand for our massage services across London, we operate several different massage locations dotted across the capital. This means that clients have more choice and can visit a location that is closer to where they are situated. All of our incall locations have been very carefully chosen by the management at Aphrodite to ensure that it provides a discreet option and is also close to all the main transport links in the area, so only a short walk is needed once you have disembarked from the train or bus (if using public transport for the journey)

Why some prefer the incall services

Every client has their own preferences but some of the common reasons that we hear often from our customers is that they often prefer the incall services as the standard of our tantric massage parlours are very high in terms of the décor, the showering facilities and last but not least the sexy atmosphere that the masseuses have put together, which is sometimes difficult to re-create at short notice in a hotel room when going for outcall massage services in London.

Making the Booking

Due to how busy we are as a massage agency in London, all appointments do need to be booked indvance, but our booking system is painless and very simple. It can be done online via our web form or simply dial our digits and talk to a friendly Aphrodite receptionist who will get you booked in for a sensual incall massage service in central London today!

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