Nuru simply means body slide. Now we’ll get into the depth of this massage. This body slide happens because both the masseuse and the client are in nude form. In a sensual nuru massage in London, the masseuse not only uses her hands, but her entire body to massage the erogenous parts of her male client. It is a very erotic and sensuous form of massage and hence one of the most in demand these days.

The benefits offered by this massage are immense. Some of them are listed here for you:

  • Alleviates pains and aches-Pains and aches are the gift of modern day living. Sitting on the desk and working the whole day gives many individuals neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and many other problems. A nuru massage can alleviate this pain and aches to some extent, if not fully.
  • Loss of libido-If your sexual desires have died down off late, due to age or work pressure, a nuru massage can ignite the flame back in you. Your partner will also be happy with the outcome.
  • Sexual Pleasure-The overall sliding and gliding of a beautiful goddess is appealing as well as enticing in a nuru massage session. Anybody would love it and hence your sexual desires and pleasures reach the peak of what it can. This is a process, which gives utmost pleasure to the man. He’s taught to prolong ejaculation too in the process and hence can remain in a period of bliss for a longer period of time.

During nuru massage the masseuse uses a gel to rub the body instead of an oil-based lubricant. The benefit of this gel is, it’s made of sea-weed and hence can be easily removed from your body. It doesn’t leave any odour too, as it’s odourless. In other massages it’s very difficult to remove the oil based lubricant from the body, as oil doesn’t go off easily even with the use of soap.

Nuru massage originated in Japan. We have oriental masseuses under our fold to perform this kind of masage at our sensual massage parlour or also as an outcall massage, but do not worry, as all our Western masseuses are also well-trained in this nuru massage.

Don’t waste another minute and dial our number and whether an oriental or a western is your choice of a goddess, all will offer you one of the most enthralling and explicit massage experiences, which definitely you are not bound to forget for a long time to come.