For those yet to experience a true intimate and sensual massage the an authentic Tantric Massage is what you need!

People all across the UK are currently using tantric massage to help with stress and relaxation and also to get a better connection in a relationship and also to help with some sexual dysfunctions etc. This form of massage is quite unique in the respect that it uses your traditional massage therapy and combines it with sexual energy flow throughout the body.

A good tantric massage is said to awaken the chakras within the body which are actually located along the spinal column and a good therapist will help to release this energy that is stored within, and subsequently aid this energy to flow through the body

Main Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy

Stress and Relaxation

Most of our clients and people that use tantric massage therapy in general do report a feeling of being much more relaxed and consequently less stressed out. Due to the fact that stress can be a trigger for so many different diseases in the body, this does make it a great form of massage therapy for adults of all ages to use.

Stress is something that the majority of the population suffer with at some point during their lives, and for many it is a constant struggle. Our ladies use both the seductive tantric massage and sometimes even combine this with some aromatherapy creating a very soothing mix to rid your body and mind of stress and tension with tantric therapy at Aphrodite Massage. This great combination as well as stopping stress in it’s tracks leads to a much clearer cognitive thought process which in turn makes us more productive and better at solving life’s problems that are put in our way!

Getting rid of stress and getting clarity of thought is one of the key’s to leading a happy and successful life and our masseuses really look forward to showing you the way on your Tantric journey in London!


Your tantric masseuse will guide you through the whole process of tantric therapy and this will include working on your breathing techniques which is known as pranayama. Learning to control breathing is not only great for your tantric experience but also good for other ailments such as helping to reduce stress and also to help with reducing anxiety levels.

Relaxing the Body
There are a lot of clients that also use tantra as a way to help relax the body. This form of massage like any other type of massage therapy will work the muscles and help to work out any knots in the muscles which can really make you feel totally relaxed and calm after a tantra session with one of our beautiful masseuses. This can also be great for promoting better sleep and tis is also something that is reported by a lot of people using this form of therapy.

Immune System
People that are more susceptible to things like colds and flu could greatly benefit from a authentic regular tantric massage. A traditional massage is said to stimulate white blood cell activity which are responsible for fighting infections and viruses within the body. This increased production of white blood cells on a regular basis has been show to therefore help maintain a strong and healthy immune system!

Sexual Dysfunction
Another well known benefit of using tantra massage is that it can really help with some sexual dysfunction issues that some guys suffer from. Through learning breathing techniques and learning control it can also help lots of clients who have previously suffered with premature ejaculation for example.

Learning Tantra and tantric massage can have a dramatic affect on your sex life and this is why more and more couples turn to Tantra teachers in order to make changes in this area!

Embracing the real wisdom of Tantra can really open new doors in your sex life and learning this with your partner can also be a fun thing to do!

A lot of the foundations of Tantra rely on making a deep connection with your partner and this bond that really brings together a couple, will only strengthen and deepen with time and practice, allowing a couple to re-enforce, strengthen and deepen their emotional bond with each other, helping not only in the bedroom for a better sex life but also helping the relationship to endure and succeed.

Aphrodite Tantric Massage prides itself on delivering one of the most sexy tantric massage services in London. All the masseuses make a real effort with clients and are always care free and very friendly to clients that use us! If a sexy nude massage is your thing then you will always be offered a naturist service as standard by our ladies which is enough to excite any guy!

Our sexy massage is available 7 days a week in Central London. For anyone that hasn’t experienced the pure pleasure of a sensual tantric massage London then please either give us a call to discuss the different services that we offer or you can also get in touch via the contact form on our contact page!