Yoni Massage by Paul (see pics on left)

Age : 27
Origin : Italy

One of the latest services that we are now offering at Aphrodite Massage is Yoni Massage. If you have never heard of this form of massage before then this Yoni is actually the Sanskrit word for the vagina and in Tantra teachings the Yoni is something that should be worshipped. This of course is another of our very sensual massage services and something that we offer our clients as either an incall or an outcall service.

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You will find that a Yoni massage is very pleasurable and stimulating although the actual purpose of this form of massage is to relax the receiver of the Yoni massage so that she can bring emotions to the surface so that she is totally free to then express her powerful orgasmic nature. A Yoni massage will really bring a lot of sensitivity and truly awaken the G-spot and can produce an amazing orgasm and ejaculation in women.

The Yoni massage will start with the masseuse massaging different areas of your body first and then she will gradually work down to the Yoni area. This is definitely a form of massage that will leave you totally calm and relaxed as well very invigorated and something that the masseuses that offer this service are very experienced in.

If you have not had a Yoni massage before by an erotic masseuse then this is not something to worry about as she or he will go as slowly as you want so that you feel totally comfortable. To book yourself in for a truly erotic yoni massage session at our central London massage parlour, or alternatively to book an outcall Yoni session to your home or hotel then please feel free to drop us a line on 07404 681 945 or you can also contact us via the website contact form where you can book yourself in or if you have any questions about this service then please feel free to ask.