Chelsea, being one of the most affluent suburbs in the capital, boasts property valued in multi millions. Famous for the football club bearing the same name and the world famous “Made in Chelsea” TV soap opera, the city has a lot to be proud of. What many people come here for is however, the soothing tantric massage, which this metropolitan part of town has to offer. The stunningly gorgeous masseuses working here know how to perfectly use their palms to relieve your body of all the aches and pains. These beauties are here for the sole purpose of helping you feel completely revived and rejuvenated.

The Aphrodite Massage girls residing in luxurious apartments close to Chelsea will provide you with one of the finest sensual massage encounters of your entire life. Completely melt down under the soothing touch of their soft hands, as you feel all the tension leaving your body. The special ‘Nuru Massage’ is an out of the world experience, taking you to the sexiest most intimate massage experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Tantric Massage in Chelsea Experience

This special nude massage, London style, helps you lay back as the delightful girls use both – their hands and bodies, to take you to the next level of ecstasy. You will be on cloud nine as the therapeutic, yet sensual hands of these goddesses in Chelsea, glide skilfully over your body in ways you could never have imagined.

Our specially trained tantric masseuse makes use of specific techniques to wake up the sleeping sexual energy inside you. As they stroke their fingers all over your body, kundalini, the energy said to release hidden emotions and induce sexual ecstasy, releases. The root meaning of “Tantric” comes from the word tan, which means to expand. Therefore, this very special form of massage helps expand the inner sexual energy and awakens the hidden sensual desires, starting from the bottom of your spine.

The scented oils, and dimly candlelit rooms will immediately set the mood, as the angelic tantric and completely naked divas, lovingly and gently put you to ease and help you feel instantly comfortable. The session starts with relaxing touches to remove accumulated stress, which might have caused you extreme discomfort. As the massage continues with her soft hands gently moving all across your body, and her skin pushing against yours, you will be taken on a trip to erotica heaven, a feeling like never before.

The Flow of Sexual Energy Through Tantra

Feel the sexual energy building up in your intimate parts and relish as this energy spreads across your entire body. You begin to feel lightheaded and the sexual responses heighten as you begin to feel as if you are floating. This empowering experience encompassing both – the body and the mind, will highly intensify your emotional response.

Not letting you orgasm straightaway is the specialty of our masseuses, as they practice massages designed to effectively prolong your orgasm. Get taken to the epitome of ecstasy and then slowed down, before reaching your peak. Then this process is repeated to make it even more intense and satisfying for you. This technique serves to make your orgasm even more explosive, which subsequently leads to complete sexual contentment.

Following are the four reason why you should visit our bedazzling beauties for a tantric massage in Chelsea:

  1. Get in touch with your spiritual self with the help of our Aphrodite Tantric beauties
  2. Be completely stress free and relaxed as the soft hands of our masseuse melt the tension in your body
  3. This process will help you improve your mental health, as the stress leaves your body
  4. This massage also helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure

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